KyroFlux and Plus D floppy discs

Discussions on this ever-popular floppy disk interface for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
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KyroFlux and Plus D floppy discs

Post by Rorschack » Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:38 pm

Here is an interesting interface.
"KryoFlux is a USB-based floppy controller designed specifically for reliability, precision, and getting low-level reads suitable for software preservation"

I would like to investigate a possible backup solution using Kyroflux to backup PlusD FDD as images on my PC.
I opened a thread in KyroFlux forum
".... can I use KyroFlux interface to backup my Sinclair Spectrum plusD floppy discs? Being a total hopelessly beginner, I would like a "ready to go" solution, so let me know if the following parameters are compatible with KyroFlux (copied and pasted from WOS forum):
10 sectors per track, with 512-byte sectors.
Either single-sided or double-sided disks may be used, and up to 80 tracks may be used per side.
Sectors are numbered 1..10, and tracks are tagged on disk as 0..79 on both sides.
However, within sector addresses stored in the filesystem, the most significant bit of the track number selects the side of the disk to use, meaning that tracks on the first side of the disk are numbered 0..79, and tracks on the second side are numbered 128..207"

... and here is the quick answer:
"The size of sectors and tracks (disk geometry) are really high level data, and come from the PC world, where every disk is assumed to be MFM encoded - it's simply not enough to tell in advance.
You should really look at the lower level first:
- What kind of media was used, e.g. 3'', 3.5'', 5.25'' etc?
- What kind of encoding was used? FM, MFM, GCR etc?

Chances are high that KryoFlux supports it as is, if it something common and relies on stock hardware (like FM/MFM controllers), but if it's something custom made it has to be investigated."

Can you help me? Will I be able to find a quick backup solution?
I know, there is Lotharek's FDD emulator, but KyroFlux is an intriguing backup alternative

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Re: KyroFlux and Plus D floppy discs

Post by RWAP » Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:53 am

I have no idea on whether Kryoflux would work - the HxC floppy emulator is the only one I have tried - and I have not tried that with the PlusD (although it should already be set up to work)..
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