MicroP Floppy Disk Interface

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MicroP Floppy Disk Interface

Post by Paolo » Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:32 am

Hi ,
I' ve a particular interface for Micro P Floppy interface.
User manual report a DIP with 4 with to set, while the Interface that i 'm using have 5 Jumper.

The Jumper for 1 to 3 ,starting form left to right (vs the edge of the board) have the same setting mode as describe on the user manual.

Jumper 4 and 5 have the following impact :

jumper 4 jumper 5 format side

ON ON 720
ON OFF 720
OFF ON 1440
OFF OFF 1440

So the jumper 4 is the only one that influences the format side, while jumper 5 is better to set ON as I ' ve found after several test that the disk drive have more stability on reading and writing floppy disk.

In conclusion the best configuration for DD floppy disk (720 kb = 512 kb x 1440 sector) is jumper from 1 to 4 set OFF and jumper 5 set ON

I have MirooP disk drives attached to my interface and because I don't have many DD floppies I use HD ones and cover the one hole (not the write protect one) and use them. This works because when I use HD ones without the trick I have problems.

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