ZX Spectrum PS/2 Keyboard Interface

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ZX Spectrum PS/2 Keyboard Interface

Post by RWAP » Fri May 07, 2010 8:10 am

We have now arranged for some K-Mouse Turbo interfaces to be built.

This interface enables you to easily connect a standard English (UK/US) or Spanish PC keyboard to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

The PC Keyboard Interface is compatible with the ZX Spectrum 16K / 48K / 48K+ / 128K+ / +2 (grey model).

The keyboard can also emulate the Sinclair Joystick (where the cursor keys imitate the movement of the joystick and the CTRL key simulates the fire button). You can also now reset the ZX Spectrum by pressing CTRL ALT DEL on the PC keyboard!

A wide range of keys have been mapped as closely as possible to the ZX Spectrum equivalents, including the numeric keypad. You can even record macros of keypresses and assign them to function keys!

The PC Keyboard Interface will not work on a ZX Spectrum +2A / +2B / +3. There are also known compatibility issues with the MB02 / MB02+IDE interface but works perfectly together with these devices:

* DivIDE / DivIDE Plus
* Kempston Mouse Turbo

The built-in keyboard of your ZX Spectrum will be disabled when the PC Keyboard interface is attached. You cannot use the built-in keyboard of the ZX Spectrum and the PC Keyboard Interface at the same time.

Available only from:
http://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/detail ... erface-605
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